From the moment you open your eyes until you lay your head to sleep, life bombards you with constant decisions. What do I wear? What do I eat? Should I do the laundry tomorrow instead? Little everyday life choices fill our days. It may not be a conscious action, but we lean towards picking the better options. Our subconscious urges us to make choices to steer us toward our desired results.

Of all the decisions you’ll make in your life, finding the right legal representation may be one of the most important. It is crucial to be aware of certain red flags indicating that a lawyer may not have your best interests in mind. These could include unethical behavior, lack of communication or transparency, and general discomfort or unease. It is essential to do your research and choose an attorney who is trustworthy, experienced, and has a good reputation.

Here are five RED FLAGS to avoid when picking the right lawyer for you.

  1. Attorney Follow the Government:

“Just cooperate with law enforcement.” A lawyer whose initial instinct is to suggest cooperation with the government is most likely incapable of defending a client’s best interest. Instead, look for someone with the guts to fight for a fair and proper representation.

  1. Attorney Pay Me First

There is a reason why reputable law offices provide free consultation. They are confident in their skills and, therefore, sure that the client will choose them. Asking for a consultation fee tells a lot about their experience and skill insecurities. 

  1. Attorney Tardy

It might be a shock, but this happens more than you think. However, it’s best to work with someone respectful of your time. Being late once is a significant indicator of habitual tardiness and delay in their work. It also tells of their poor management skills, or worse, they just don’t care that much. 

  1. Attorney Nonspecific

One of the most common ways a scheming lawyer tricks their clients is by providing vague or no information at all. This goes for the details of the procedure and the billing methods. An honest lawyer will willingly give the breakdown of expenses and the estimated time frame of their action plan. Do not fall for those who delay details.

  1. Attorney Connections

When the lawyer tells you, “I know the judge. They have my back.”, run. You need a skillful lawyer who does not require connections to prove they can defend you in court. Someone proactive and open in sharing their thoughts on how they can help you.

When it comes to your freedom and rights, do not compromise and choose a legal representative you can trust. Practice your discernment, research, snoop around the grapevine, and follow your guts. 

As indecisive as we are when choosing from the menu, let’s be careful when picking the person representing us in a court of law.

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